Pratts Bottom Primary School

School Meals

We have had Nourish as our school caterers since 2018 and they work closely with the school to ensure that they deliver the highest quality meals possible. Our school cook Donna Sanders has worked hard to ensure that the children do receive a wide and balanced diet. 

Nourish have a number of pledges that they wish to keep;

At Nourish we are passionate about providing nutritional food that our pupils love.

  • our menus meet or exceed government food and nutrition standards
  • we minimise and where possible eliminate food additives
  • our team of nutritionists develop all our menus to ensure balanced, healthy choices
  • our products from suppliers can be traced back to source
  • our menus can be adapted to meet your needs

Please click on the link below to see the Menu


Weekly Lunch Menu April to October 2024

Weekly Gluten Free Lunch Menu April to October 2024

Weekly Dairy Free Lunch Menu April to October 2024

We want to encourage the children to eat a healthy balanced diet. During the year the children learn about healthy lifestyles to support our Healthy School Award. The catering company who provide the school lunches try to give a balanced diet. As of September 2023 school meals are now free for all pupils. 

If your child is allergic to any particular food please inform us by filling out the appropriate form when your child starts school. 

Packed Lunches

Children may bring their own packed lunch in a named container. It should be placed on the lunch trolley before school. Due to children in the school being allergic to nuts, we ask that no nuts be brought into school, e.g., no peanut butter sandwiches. As many sweets contain traces of nuts, we also request that sweets be left at home and not included in packed lunches. As part of our Healthy Schools programme, we try to encourage healthy packed lunches and do not allow sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks in packed lunches.


Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day to keep hydrated and aid learning. A healthy school water bottle can be purchased from the school office so that children have access to water throughout the day. A hydrated brain learns better.

National Fruit Scheme

We are lucky to be included in the free fruit scheme and as a very small school, all our children benefit from this at morning break.
If your child is in KS2 and you are in receipt of certain benefits they may be entitled to free school meals. For more information then please look at Bromley Council's website at: 
Tel: 0208 313 4088

If you are eligible for free school meals it is important that you register your child even if they are in Reception, Year One or Year Two as the school will receive extra funding.