Pratts Bottom Primary School

Curriculum Maps

At Pratts Bottom Primary School, we want our children to experience a broad, relevant and enriching curriculum that prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

This involves learning about our own locality and its history as well developing an understanding of other UK and global communities which are characterised by a diversity of ethnicity, religious belief, culture and custom.

Our cross-curricular topics are designed to ensure that children have opportunities to develop these goals while reinforcing core English skills of reading and writing. The topics will provide opportunities for creative activities (art and design, music), the study of humanities (history and geography) and will always contain the following:

•       High quality writing

•       Developing cultural awareness

•       At least one piece of high quality artwork linked to an artist

•       Some aspect of child led questioning or research

English, Maths and Science will continue to be planned and taught discretely but will be covered in topics work whenever an appropriate opportunity arises.